Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vic's brother is such an animal.

Hi my horny readers.

Sorry. Hadn't been posting cause I was too busy fucking. Hah!

Show me some love and perhaps I'll take a break from fucking and give you more stories to fap over. ;) I want to see more comments.

Ok enough of my nonsense let me bring you up to speed with what's happening. During my absence, I had been getting closer to Kate. The last time I met her was Saturday I think. We went for a movie and she was HOT. So halfway through the movie, I leaned in close to her and said,"Kate".

She turned and I kissed her. She didn't resist. But she was really shy with me after wards. How adorable.

The date ended and as I was on my way home, I got a text that said, "Let's meet up. I want to fuck you so badly."

"And you are?"
"Vic's brother."

(He's name is Max btw.)

Ooo. I must admit I like it when boys are rough like that. I want to fuck you so badly. Heh, I like that. So we met up and he drove me to this park nearby. It was huge and dark and there wasn't a single soul around. Perhaps it helped that its the 7th month and all. lols!

Now that I think about it, he was much more handsome than I remembered. As I was about to get out of the car, he looked at me coolly and said, "No bra and undies allowed." I gotta say I'm rather turned on by his bossiness. Or maybe I'm just really horny.

I did as I was told and we walked deeper into the park.

We found a bench we like and without warning, he just grabbed me and start kissing me. His kisses was slow and dominating. I decided that I'll let him do whatever he wants. It's his show tonight. His hands hugged me close and started to wonder under my tank top as he explore my back. I wanted so badly for him to play with my boobs but I kept quiet.

His kisses started descending down my neck as his hands slowly crept towards my erected nipples. I let out a soft moan.

As if in response, he cupped my breast in his hands and started to fondle. I bit my lips and pulled my tank top, exposing my breasts and gave him a "Won't you please suck on my breasts" look. He gave me a cocky smirk and licked my nipple while he took my other nipple in his fingers and did magic. I have no idea why but I was feeling so sensitive that day. Every lick and suckle makes me weak with lust.

He pulled away.

"Spread your legs."

I was wearing a mini skirt and I did as I was told. He stood infront of me, staring at my wet exposed pussy as I leaned against the bench. If anyone walked by right now, they would have an full view. It was my first time being so exposed in public. When he's satisfied, he kneeled infront of me and tongue fuck my pussy. I moaned as he played with my g spot while fingering me and I can't even remember how many times I came.

"Do you want me to fuck you?"
"I can't hear you."
"Fuck me. I want you to fuck me."
"Beg for it."
"Please. Please fuck me. Please fuck my pussy.."
"Good girl."

He sat down on the bench and told me to get on top of him. But he told me not to move. His dick was hard and wet with precum. I got into position and waited. Boy did he fucked me. He started moving his hips into me violently and he pounded me like an animal. He pulled my skirt up higher, exposing my full naked butt, and grabbed my arse. I was so horny I almost wished someone would walked by and fucked me through my ass.

"Ahh.. oh god. Fuck. Harder.. fuck me hard.. Mm.. yes YES.." hahs! That was how I was moaning. It was out of control. In fact, it was so out of control, I actually took my tank top off. In public. Fucking and half naked.

He was fucking into me so hard that my breasts were bouncing with each thrust. He loved it.

"I want to see you play with your breasts."

And so I did. It was fucking good. I was moaning so freaking loud but I didn't care.

"I'm cumming."

I got off and he came. "Turn around and kneel on the bench." I obediently did so. He grabbed me and took me from the back roughly without warning. I yelped but it all turned into slutty moans for more as he continued thrusting into me. I find it a big turn on when boys are all rough and animal on me. We continued fucking a few more times before we finally cleaned up and left.

I was so fucking satisfied. It was my first time fucking in public and guess what? I love it.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Home alone with Vicky's brother.

I went to Vicky's house yesterday after school. I think she's abit shy with me after the make out session in the toilet cause since then, I will catch her staring at me and looking away quickly when I made eye contact. She kissed me and acted all ok with it the other day and now is being shy? Strange Vicky.

Or maybe she wanted more. lols!

Anyohhow, Vicky's mum called and wanted her to run some errands. Her brother is at home but he don't really give a damn so Vicky have no choice but to leave me alone at home but she promised she will be back quickly.

So that's when it got interesting. There's nothing to do in Vicky's room so I sat in the living room and watched TV when her brother came out of his room... without his shirt on. I stared at him. He's 19 I think, pretty good looking and toned with six packs. yums.

He sat down beside me and while staring at the screen asked,
"Vic went out?"
"Yups, she won't be home for a couple hours."
"Oh, so we're home alone."

He turned and look at me, "Just the two of us." than he let his gaze go down to my boobs than to my skirt than up to my eyes again. That did it though, I was turned on. lols! I leaned forward to kiss him and we tongued and somehow I ended up sitting in his lap facing him. My skirt had inched up to my waist, exposing my thighs and he was grabbing my ass. He suddenly stopped kissing me and slowly begin to unbutton my uniform.

He took off my shirt, unbuckle my bra (quite easily btw, I thought boys are supposed to be bad at doing this?) and cupped my breasts in his hands. He then kissed me again and slowly kiss his way to my breast and started to lick my nipple. I was getting wet. I begin grinding him as he did that, and he begin to suckle. I started to moan and I can feel him getting hard under my panty as he goes back to grabbing my ass while he suckle even more. It felt so good.

I decided to return him a favor so I pulled myself away from him, he looked a little surprised but quickly realise what I was planning to do. I kneeled infront of him and pulled on his drawstring pants. He's not wearing anything underneath! lols!

His dick was already standing up and is kinda wet. lols. Than I started to tease him. oh and btw, here's something you might not know, I have a tongue piercing. ^^ I begin to lick from his nuts slowly all the way to the tip of his dick, all the while staring at him. I deliberately let my stud as well as the roughness of my tongue rub against his dick as I was licking. than I focus on the top of his dick while I use my hand. I'm practically treating it like a lollipop. lol, I can tell he really enjoy it.

Than he suddenly pulled me up and stripped off my skirt and panty. He wanted to finger me but I pushed his hand away and chose to sit on him instead. I want to fuck! I was really wet so its no problem getting him in me. He was pretty surprised by my action but I don't think he really mind. I love fucking when I'm on top. With my entire weight on him, he entered deep into me and I rode him hard. We were both moaning so loudly and breathlessly. He stared at my boobs bouncing with every thrust.

I told him to suck on my breast and he obediently did so. I held his head closer and begin to ride even faster and harder. It was so fucking good. I love it when my pussy and breasts gets loving at the same time. I know I was going to cum.

"I'm cum-ing!" He moaned as I get rougher with him.

No sooner than he say that, I came. And he quickly push me off and came over me, my breast and on my tummy. We took a bathe later together and he told me i'm 'fucking sexy'. Before I leave, he looked at me and whispered, "I want to fuck you again." lols!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My best friend, Vicky.

I was telling Vicky during recess how sexy I thought Kate was and she suggested that I try making her my girlfriend. Vicky is my best friend in school btw.

I asked her if she thinks Kate is into girls but she pointed out that it is irrelevant as its not like that is going to stop me. lols, that is true. We finished our lunch with lots of time to spare before recess is over so I followed Vicky to the toilet to fix her hair.

We chose the one on level four cause its mostly empty. When Vicky is fixing her hair I stood behind her and grabbed her boobs from behind. She's a C cup and they're so soft and big, I like it. Vicky looked shocked but she didn't move.

lols. So cute.

"What are you doing?"
"I'm touching you, silly."

haha, I swear she is soo adorable. Still facing the mirror, I unbutton her shirt and unbuckle her bra. She always wears those that can be unbuckled from the front so I'm lucky! I continue to grope her breast with my left hand as my right hand start to go under her skirt.

She is sooo wet. Horny Vicky.

She started to moan softly. I turned her around and started to suckle on her pale perky nipples. This time she started to moan even louder and she sort of hug my head and held me closer cause she want me to suck harder. But just when I was about to slid my finger under her panties, the bell rang.

So I stopped and went to wash my hands. Vicky was blushing but she hurried to dress herself. haha. But before we left the toilet, she kissed me and said she hate me because now she is feeling so horny and she can't concentrate in class.


Kate is sexy.

Kate sits beside me in school. I was spacing out today during chemistry so I propped my textbook up on my desk and rested my head on the table, facing Kate. That's when I notice how short her skirt is.

lols, naughty girl. Her legs are nice and smooth too. My gaze started moving upwards and damn is someone well developed. She look so good in her uniform. I wonder why I didn't notice it before.

She realised I was staring though but she smiled at me. I think she blushed. lols. Interesting.

I heard that she broke up with her boyfriend last week. I wonder if she's into girls. I'll love to get my hands on her. So yummmy.